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eCommerce Product Photography

eCommerce Product Photography

e-commerce product photography studios we photograph products for fashion, beauty and lifestyle retailers.

Our team create pictures for ecommerce web sites & Amazon Store Front. Our work, creativity, attention to detail and quality increases our clients’ sales and enhances their brands. ecommerce photography gallery

Simple, clean, effective normally on a white background; perfect for e-commerce websites, brochures and advertising material.

e-Commerce Photography  for clothing manufacturers, shops, hotels and restaurants, construction companies, developers, architects, schools and colleges, the list is endless

We will advise and work with you on a cost effective method to get you products photographed product coded and onto your website.

Each shot will be corrected for colour, cropped, tagged with your product codes and delivered to you at the correct image size for your web site.

The creative process is important but just as important if you have 2-3 hundred or more product shots is having them correctly named (tagged) so that you or your web designer can quickly cross reference them to your products.

An example

Recently 3500 shots were taken and 300 used for the production of an e-commerce web site. All the images were delivered on time colour correct and ready to inserted into the web site.
All the product codes were embedded into the images to assist the web designer in matching the shirt and descriptions to the products.

e-commerce product photography we photograph products for fashion, beauty and lifestyle retailers.

ecommerce websites need great product photography.

The Process – How we do it

Your products are carefully unpacked and checked, the fabric  is pressed if necessary then taken to the studio, dressed onto the  mannequin, model or laid out on the shooting table.

Shortly after shooting starts we will upload to your on-line gallery for you to see and approve, then again at intervals during the course of the session.

All product photographs are meta tagged and will be presented on-line in your own gallery tick the boxes write the comments tick send.

All colour correction, retouching, formatting and resizing is handled by our in-house post processing team.

Shortly afterwards your perfect pictures will be ready to be uploaded into your ecommerce store.

Your location is not a problem, you courier your products to us, 80% of our clients work with us this way.

We are successful because we care and want you to be successful call us on 0207 183 8448 for a chat.